There and Back Again

I recently wrote a profile for The Ivy Inspire about Brown University sophomore Michael Bardakji of Aleppo, Syria, which you can read here. I had a really incredible conversation with Michael about what it was like to grow up during the Syrian Civil War and about the process of moving to the United States and […]

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US politics have become nothing short of depressing lately, which is why as of today, JuliaLikesPolitics will be making a change in the content it produces. While in the past I have focused my blog almost completely on American politics, today I am beginning a new series: JuliaLikesPolitics International, or JLP International for short so […]


Follow the Money

The Hallway by Julia Schreder Originally published February 21st, 2017 in the Weston Forum. As a student, I have a particular vested interest in President Trump’s Secretary of Education — Betsy DeVos. Should I choose to attend one of the three federally funded public universities that I have been accepted to next fall, my education […]

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