Political Theory 1 Final Essay: The Friedman Solution: Eliminating Political Inequality by Eliminating Politics

This is the final paper I wrote for my political theory class that I took this fall at Columbia University. The paper explores the new Republican tax code and examines some of the theory that supports economic inequality and also that supports government action to reduce economic inequality. Authors cited include Herodotus, Aristotle, Joseph Schumpeter, Milton Friedman, and […]

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There and Back Again

I recently wrote a profile for The Ivy Inspire about Brown University sophomore Michael Bardakji of Aleppo, Syria, which you can read here. I had a really incredible conversation with Michael about what it was like to grow up during the Syrian Civil War and about the process of moving to the United States and […]

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US politics have become nothing short of depressing lately, which is why as of today, JuliaLikesPolitics will be making a change in the content it produces. While in the past I have focused my blog almost completely on American politics, today I am beginning a new series: JuliaLikesPolitics International, or JLP International for short so […]


Follow the Money

The Hallway by Julia Schreder Originally published February 21st, 2017 in the Weston Forum. As a student, I have a particular vested interest in President Trump’s Secretary of Education — Betsy DeVos. Should I choose to attend one of the three federally funded public universities that I have been accepted to next fall, my education […]

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