It’s Been a few Months

Hellllllllo to my loyal fan base! It’s been quite awhile since I posted anything on my little blog thing here. I realize that. I’ve been a very busy person, and also, apparently, not everyone loved my blog. So whatever, you get some haters. Anyway, I’ve been gone for a little, but I think I ought to be writing some stuff since this what I want to do in college (eeekk a taboo topic for this blog). So I am writing some stuff! My plan here, is to just kinda amass a portfolio sort of thing, and practice writing and get better at it. It’s kind of nice to have all my writing in one place, so I figured I’d go with a blog versus just writing things on my computer or something like that. Ya feel? But anyway, I’d like to try to write something for this blog maybe… once a week or so? That would be chill. I also think that I can’t really limit this blog to just politics because honestly I’m bored of this literally never ending election cycle, and I’m a political fanatic, so I can only imagine what everyone else is thinking. No one really needs to read another sarcastic liberal article about Trump or Cruz. Just look at ANY other newspaper or website in the world and you’ll find something to read, probably written better than I ever could. Another thing I should probably address is my writing style. If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been writing in the colloquial style, very informally, whatever. That’s probably something you can expect to see a lot, but also, I’d like to sort of challenge myself a bit and force myself to become a better writer by using fancy words and that sort of stuff. You see, my eloquence is just inspiring. Honestly, I’m not going to do that all the time because it requires effort, whereas I can just bang out something like this pretty easily. But you know it’s a good exercise to do, so ultimately I can become a better writer and whatnot.

Okay, I guarantee not all of my posts will be this boring and self absorbed. If you happen to read this, coolio. If no one does, whatever. Peace out. Reply if you have any comments!


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