The Filibuster

For the first time in my life, I am so so so proud to be from Connecticut. I am so proud of both of my senators for standing up an actually doing something in the face of senseless gun violence. Senators Murphy and Blumenthal, I applaud you. Furthermore I thank Senator Booker of New Jersey for his resolute vigilance and eloquence.

I must admit, I have never cried over CSPAN before. The entire filibuster, the outpouring of support from other Democratic senators, and from American citizens over social media, has given me hope. Hope that there is still some good left in Congress. Hope that there are people who will fight to make change. Hope that this country is not lost after all. Thank you, Senator Murphy for giving me hope.

Thank you for reminding the nation that we will not take this national disgrace sitting down. Thank you for reminding us that congress works for us, the people, that it is not at the beck and call of the NRA, that we the people have power to create change.

Thank you Senator Murphy for your consistent attempts to introduce gun control legislation, not just yesterday, but throughout your entire tenure as my senator. Thank you for literally choosing to take a stand, and refusing to leave until people higher than you listen. Thank you for nobly representing your constituents, who have been so affected by the very issue you fight for. We in Connecticut are proud to be your constituents. We are proud of you.

There is less necessity for cynicism today than there was yesterday because of you. Thank you.


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