An Interview with a Trump Supporter

I decided to try out something practically unheard of in today’s politics: listening to the other side. I personally think it is incredibly important to be educated on both sides of an issue before deciding on your own; however, even I must admit, it is oftentimes difficult to do so. Biases and preconceptions tend to get in the way of real debate, and many times, both parties grow frustrated and angry. So in an attempt to bridge the divide, I decided to step out of my liberal head for an evening and to try to understand the elusive views of the conservative. To do so, I found myself a bonafide Donald Trump supporter and sat him down for an interview. The rules were simple: I did not allow myself to interject or argue with my interviewee; I just listened. Please believe me, this person (who has asked to remain anonymous, so we’ll refer to him as Bill), is an intelligent, well-informed member of our society. Take what he has to say seriously. If you disagree with what he says, analyze why he says these things. This interview can serve as a valuable learning experience no matter what angle you look at it from. Enjoy.

Julia: Alright so, the first question is, what do you find compelling about Mr. Trump?

Bill: Mr. Trump… There’s a lot compelling about Mr. Trump. First of all, I like his outsider appeal. I like how he speaks his mind–he doesn’t have a politicians’ filter. He’s not owned by any super PAC so he can say what he wants; he’s doing what he can do for the American people, not for the super PACS and their owners. I just think he has so much business experience; he can really get our economy going. Because Obama, he’s increased the budget deficit every year, and now we’re what, twenty trillion dollars in debt? I mean if we have another eight years of Obama or even a Democrat, our economy is really going to go down the drain. We need Trump to get in there and fix it because he has so many years of business experience and he really knows how to budget money.

J: Why do you think that that business experience is going to translate over to politics?

B: Why not?

J: Because they’re two completely separate entities.

B: No they’re not; they’re the same thing. Running a business and running a country are pretty similar, actually. A country is basically one big business. A country is run on economics. It’s not run on gay marriage or abortion; it’s run on the economy. And Trump is going to fix the economy because he’s the most knowledgeable candidate, actually of all time, in my opinion, in terms of the economy itself, and that’s what we need right now. We need the economy fixed.

J: Okay, so what, in your opinion, is wrong with the economy?

B: It’s the debt we have. That’s the big thing. See, we’ve got these crazy idiots like Bernie Sanders over here saying we should have free health care, free college. I could maybe see that, maybe, maybe, if we were twenty trillion in surplus, but, we can’t really function at all if we’re twenty trillion dollars in debt, and our debt’s only getting worse. We have to balance the budget first–that is the most important thing–and that is the one thing Trump will do best.

J: Which of Trump’s policies do you think is most likely to “Make America Great Again?”

B: Trade deals. We have trade deficits with almost every country. That’s why Mexico will pay for the wall. We buy 50 billion dollars worth of goods from them and they only buy 8 billion from us. 50 billion to 8 billion. That’s a 42 billion dollar deficit, and the wall will only cost like 15 billion at the most. If we can get good trade deals with Mexico, with China, with Japan, all those countries that are ripping us off, we might see our economy start to rev up gear.

J: Okay. Do you buy into this philosophy, “Make America Great Again?”

B: Yes.

J: So if you do, then when was the last time America was great?

B: See that’s a question I would actually ask Trump if I were a reporter. I’ve always wondered what he’s envisioning. But what I’m guessing is the Reagan era, because we actually had incentives in this country back then. Nowadays, we have this Democratic philosophy: the more you make, the more the government takes. The harder you work, the more the government takes away. My family makes 400 thousand dollars a year. After taxes, which is around 39% for them, property tax, sales tax, small business owners tax– my dad pays property tax on his firm–at the end of it all, my family makes 200 thousand dollars a year. Half of what we used to have. So it’s kind of a reverse incentive. Someone who makes 50 thousand dollars in this country would take home about 40 thousand at the end of the year. Reagan used trickle down economics, which are a lot better than what we have now.

J: In what ways do you think the Obama administration has failed?

B: There’s a lot. First of all, the economy is not doing well. I know you could point to specific things and say that this and this is doing slight better, but when it’s all said and done, the debt is the most important thing. Also, when you look at the numbers,  I think about 48 million new black people have gone on food stamps in the last eight years under Obama. Poverty for black people has gone up under Obama, and if you look at the numbers, I don’t think he’s helped minorities at all. That’s the main reason we elected him: to help minorities. And it hasn’t worked at all, because look at what’s happening now. Now we have this race war going on. Obama has pitted blacks against cops, and now they are literally killing each other in the streets because they hate each other so much. That’s how divisive he is. So he has failed because he has divided us. But mostly, we have a terrible foreign policy. Obama doesn’t know how to defeat ISIS. He gets up there, and he thinks giving speeches saying that Islam is a good religion will fix everything. That’s not going to work at all! What are you [Obama] talking about? Why don’t you get up there and talk about the evils of Islam? Talk about how they want to kill all Christians and Jews. Why don’t you talk about that? Talk about how in basically all Islamic countries, women are killed out of honor. And Ben Shapiro did a

But mostly, we have a terrible foreign policy. Obama doesn’t know how to defeat ISIS. He gets up there, and he thinks giving speeches saying that Islam is a good religion will fix everything. That’s not going to work at all! What are you [Obama] talking about? Why don’t you get up there and talk about the evils of Islam? Talk about how they want to kill all Christians and Jews. Why don’t you talk about that? Talk about how in basically all Islamic countries, women are killed out of honor. And Ben Shapiro did a video on it; he confirmed that more than half of all Muslims are radicals. Because when you look at the numbers–when you ask, how many people believe that suicide bombing are sometimes justified, how many of people have a positive view of Bin Laden, how many people believe that honor killing of women are justified–when you add up the numbers of everyone in the Middle East, you get 680 million people that are radicalized. And Obama wants to bring in Syrian refugees. By the way, he’s a Democrat, but 99% of Syrians are opposed to gay marriage and they treat women like second class citizens. In the Middle East, if a women gets raped and she comes out saying that she’s been raped, she can actually get the death penalty. She will get beaten up because she came out that she was raped. And by the way, their genitalia get mutilated a lot too, which is not a very liberal and progressive thing. So when this progressive Obama wants to let in all these people who basically have the opposite views as him and hate America and are infiltrated by ISIS, well I don’t think that’s a very good idea.

J: What about Obama care? I was expecting you to go off about Obamacare.

B: Well I don’t know much about it, but I know that it’s called the Affordable Care Act, but for a lot of people, their insurances and premiums have actually become a lot more expensive. I think my parents’ policies have become more expensive because of Obama. The Affordable Care Act. That’s why its name is always made fun of: because it’s very hypocritical. It’s like the Expensive Care Act.

J: Let’s move back to Trump. Why is he a better choice than Hillary?

B: Is that a question? Alright. This is to all the Hillary supporters out there. The one thing you need to do if you’re a Hillary supporter, or even if you’re on the fence: watch the video, watch the edited video, of James Comey 2016 versus Hillary 2015 talking about her emails. They go back and forth on whether she had classified documents in there, on whether or not she was allowed to do it, how many devices she had. Every single thing she said in that one 2015 interview was a complete lie, confirmed by the FBI. And she knowingly lied too. That’s the thing about Hillary. She lies all the time. But the worst thing about it is that she does it knowingly. And then she gets up there and says, “Trump is a dangerous candidate.” She is by far the most corrupt candidate in history. She does not have a foreign policy plan, she is going to ruin the economy, and she is not trustworthy at all. Anyone who says she is trustworthy just hasn’t been watching the news for the last five years.

J: Would you agree that she has qualifications?

B: Yeah, well she has experience, but it’s experience at losing, as Newt Gingrich said. Just because you have experience at something doesn’t mean you’re good at it.

J: Are you not bothered by the lack of respect Trump shows for many communities, for example, Muslims, Mexicans?

B: You know it’s funny that you mention this. I’ve said this before, but liberals point to two things when they talk about Trump. They pull out, “he hates Mexicans,” and “he wants to ban all Muslims.” Let’s talk about those for a second. When he talks about illegal immigrants, it’s different. For example, at his first presser, he said a disproportionate number of illegal immigrants have committed rape. And that is a fact. He didn’t say, “I hate all Mexicans.” He’s talking about illegals. There’s a huge difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. In fact, he’s said many, many, many times that he loves legal immigrants. Legal. L-E-G-A-L.

J: Like his wife.

B: Yes. Just do your paperwork and then come over here. And everyone’s like, “Oh you’re splitting up families, that’s not a good thing.” Well, first of all, these families of people who are expecting children broke the law and they’re putting their children in jeopardy. I mean if you want to live somewhere together, live in Mexico, do your paperwork, and then come here. I mean, legal immigrants are awesome. They’re the backbone of this country. Legal ones. But not illegal immigrants.

J: So you’re not bothered that he not respectful towards Mexican communities.

B: I’m not bothered by the truth. I don’t care if he’s respectful or not. That’s a different story. Because being respectful and being nice, that doesn’t get much done, as you can see from Obama.

J: So no. Is there anything Trump could say or do that would make you not vote for him?

B: Sure.

J: Okay, let me give you some examples and you say if you would still vote for him or not.

B: Okay.

J: So he says, “I’m joining ISIS!”

B: No of course not. He would never say that, though.

J: He says, “Turns out I’ve been gay this entire time!”

B: I would still vote for him.

J: He says, “I went bankrupt four times.” True.

B: Yes it is. Also, I’m glad you brought that up. Because you know, in business, there are twelve failures for every success. That’s the general rule. He’s had about 300 successful deals, and about four unsuccessful deals. That is an insanely good ratio.

J: [Back to the game] So he shoots someone in the street.

B: Well then no, he would not be allowed to run. He would be in jail.

J: But would you still support him?

B: No, probably not.

J: He says, “I’m divorcing Melania, and I’m marrying Hillary.”

B: [Laughs] Oh my god. I’d probably still say, “whatever man.”

J: Okay so there’s some things that he could do. On the other hand, is there anything that Hillary could do that would make you vote for her?

B: She could take all of Trump’s positions.

J: So it’s not necessarily her as a person–

B: No, she is bad as a person. Of course. That’s like her worst thing.

J: Have you considered any third party candidates like Gary Johnson?

B: I know about them. I know that they’re dumbasses because they’re screwing up the election. Gary Johnson, if he wasn’t running, Trump would definitely win because he’s stealing all of Trump’s votes. A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Hillary. Third party candidates just need to stop.

J: Talk about how the wall will benefit Americans.

B: Well the wall will prevent drugs from coming across the border. Because they like to throw them over the border or hand them off to the middle man. It will increase safety, it will keep crime down, keep drug flow down, and hopefully we won’t have to pay for a thing. So it’s a win-win-win scenario.

J: Say that hypothetically, Mexico refuses to pay for the wall. Would you still support building it? Because that would come from your tax money.

B: I don’t think we should build a huge wall if we have to pay for it, but if Mexico does refuse to pay for the wall, I think we should just increase border security a bit, but we shouldn’t be paying all that because Obama has screwed us over too much.

J: Well that’s all I’ve got. Thanks very much for coming in.

Again, take what our friend Bill has said here and do with it what you will. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it is good to listen to those who don’t agree with you. You may learn something. I hope you did enjoy this interview, though. Some parts have been edited, slightly, for the clarity of the reader, since the original interview was recorded. However, overall, this transcription is fairly accurate to what was said in our interview. 



3 thoughts on “An Interview with a Trump Supporter

  1. I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know about Trump supporters from Bill, but I still like having it confirmed from time to time. It proved, once again, that people pick for reasons that are not logical, sometimes not factually correct, and that we’re all vulnerable to the spin whatever media we prefer puts out. It’s a depressing experience, but after participating in eleven elections, I’m used to it.

    (My first “groan” was his assertion that government and business are basically the same thing, which is a prime indicator of ignorance about either business, government, or both. After that I was able to predict nearly all of his subsequent answers.)


  2. TRUMP IS AWESOME!! Build that wall!! Make America great and safe again! Btw, the 6th pillar of Islam is my dick.


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