The Cycles of the Republican Party

Hi everyone! Last year I took APUSH– AP United States History. It was a challenging class, but one I definitely enjoyed. At the end of the year, our final project was to write a research paper. I chose to write mine (surprise, surprise), about the history of the Republican party. Why? Mostly because I am fascinated by the total breakdown of this age old institution that we are witnessing. I found the topic very interesting, and I figured there were probably some other people who might as well. The paper’s pretty long, I’ll be honest, so I’ll attach the paper as a PDF. Honestly, learning about the history of the party gave me a lot of insight into what is happening now. You might be very surprised by some of the conclusions I’ve drawn, but I totally get it if you don’t have the time to read the whole thing. Cheers! Enjoy!

APUSH final essay


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