Oh Happy Day

Hello friends and Happy New Year! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this blog, and I’m sure you all missed me very much 😉 College apps have been very time consuming, and senior year is a lil rough. But never fear! I have new years resolutioned to blog once a week, which means […]

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The Filibuster

For the first time in my life, I am so so so proud to be from Connecticut. I am so proud of both of my senators for standing up an actually doing something in the face of senseless gun violence. Senators Murphy and Blumenthal, I applaud you. Furthermore I thank Senator Booker of New Jersey […]

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An Interview with Jack Abramoff

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Jack Abramoff, former lobbyist. Before his 2004 scandal broke, Abramoff was one of the top lobbyists in Washington. His influenced extended to the president himself, George W. Bush. His firm Grenberg Trauig had large influence over 100+ congressional offices. In 2004, the scandal broke. Abramoff and Michael Scanlon […]

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The Kase for Kasich

Please note, this article is part of a larger series, the aim of which is described in detail here. The series attempts to examine why someone would vote for a particular candidate, and in doing so, attempts to don the persona of a supporter of said candidate. As a result, some of the statements in […]

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